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What You Think is What You Get

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There are times we don’t get what we want. Whiles, there are many reasons for this, one cardinal reason is our state of thinking in relation to what we want. When what we think is opposite to what we want, the result will always be opposite to what we want. This non-alignment of thought and wants create a situation where we want something and at the same time we don’t want it. What we want can only come true for us if our thoughts are in alignment with it.
You can’t succeed with a failure mindset,
You can’t get rich with a poverty mindset,
You can’t love with a hatred mindset,
You can’t win with a losing mindset,
You can’t pursue excellence with a mediocrity mindset,
You can’t be independent with a dependency mindset,
And you can’t attain abundance with a limitation mindset.

Whatever you want, your thinking must align with it. That’s the only way you can get what you want. So, for everything you wish for, even if conditions look unfavourable, think in alignment with what you want. Don’t hold opposite thoughts about what you want, because what you think is what you get.

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