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A girl from Gomoa, a town in the central region of Ghana, failed her university entrance exams 5 times. One day, she went to visit her friend at the University of Ghana and fell sick and was admitted at the Legon hospital, near the University of Ghana. She called her mom to inform her.

GIRL: Helloo mom
MOM: That place is quiet, where are you?
GIRL: I’m in the University of Ghana, Legon, I’ve been admitted.
MOM: Woow!! We thank God oooo. Finally, God has disgraced the witches in your father’s house that say you won’t go to school (dancing & singing).

GIRL: Mom, it’s malaria
MOM: Malaria is a good course ooo my daughter; pleaseΒ  take it serious
GIRL: I’ll be discharged tomorrow.
MOM: God forbid! you must complete your 4yrs there in Jesus Name
GIRL: God, punish illiteracy!
MOM: Amen…

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