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Bitter Cola

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Powerful information about bitter cola that no herbalist can post on the internet

Bitter cola can neutralize snake poison or snake venom.

Bitter cola can cure and neutralize scorpion poison.

If snake bite bites or scorpion stings you just eat one bitter cola and the snake and scorpion poison will neutralize within few minutes of eating the bitter cola.

You use bitter cola to keep snake away from your home. Get dried bitter cola to grind it to powder apply the powder to the floor of your house. If any snake passes over the bitter cola powder, it will die instantly.

Children at home may accidentally eat poisonous things like bar soap, powdered soap, drink kerosene or liquid soap. To neutralize the effect, blend bitter cola, and give it to the child to drink. The child will vomit all the poisonous chemicals he or she has swallowed within one minute. You can take the child to the hospital for medical check-up and the result will surprise you.

You can cut bitter cola into pieces and soak it with water. Drink this every morning it will flush out toxic out of your body.

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