Celebrant Weeping.

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Two years ago, JESUS asked me one question which I would like to share with you as you are preparing for Christmas.

It was during Christmas celebration. The vision was very clear.

JESUS asked me, my son, assuming you were invited to a birthday party and you met the celebrant weeping, what would you do?

I was shocked and could not answer, Celebrant weeping?

JESUS’ began to speak. I am the celebrant that you Christians are celebrating my birthday every year. Each year, you increase my agony and tears during this Christmas celebrations because of your hypocrisy.

Many of you don’t even know me. The few that I can boast of are living lives of disobedient.

Holiness among my children is now a taboo. Righteousness, Sanctification, restitution and other sound Biblical doctrines had disappeared among you and you still gather to eat food and sing sinful songs to me. Is that how to celebrate my birthday?

Pastors are now spiritual 419.These so called pastors got power from Satan to do my work, yet you will see them gathering crowds to sing Carol. Why would I not weep?

Burying human beings on the alter, going about with charms. Is that what I instructed them to do?

Sleeping with church members is not a new thing among the so called ministers. All kinds of programs are organized by different churches with one purpose and agenda-to raise money.

My son, there are mega churches, mega instruments and mega population without any disciple among the congregation. Are these not wasted efforts?

Churches are building cathedrals every day without candidates of heaven among the worshippers.

Why are you celebrating my birthday when there is no unity and love among my children? Why are you celebrating my birthday when your worship centres are being guided by herbalists because of the mundane things inside the building? Are you saying I am powerless that I can’t protect what belongs to me?

Nakedness is more visible in my churches than club houses.

My Son, Evangelism is dead and buried. What you are doing now is member snatching. Nobody is ready to go to fertile ground anymore.

JESUS said many things in that vision that I could not remember again. I’ve shared this revelation in my sermon and among my people.

Are you among those people that are making JESUS to weep every Christmas? Think about it.

JESUS is on his way already. You don’t need to be told d happenings in Israel, Palestine and other places.

I pray for everybody now, you and I will not miss rapture in the Name of JESUS.

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