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Are you a landlord or property owner ?
If yes, then check the Immigration status of your Non-Ghanaian Tenant before giving an accommodation.

What you need to do before renting your property to a Non-Ghanaian

Landlords/property owners must please check the following documents of a Non-Ghanaian before granting tenancy agreement:

  1. Valid national passport or travel document
  2. Residence Permit
  3. Visitors Permit
  4. Valid Registration Certificate from GIS

In case of any doubt about the status of a Non-Ghanaian, kindly report it to the nearest Immigration Office.


Failure to comply with the above guidelines will incur the under listed sanctions:

  1. On conviction of harboring a Non-Ghanaian, a two year jail term will be imposed or a fine or both.
  2. In the case of failure to report to a District Immigration Office to a fine or 6 months imprisonment or both. ALL CITIZENS ARE ENCOURAGED TO REPORT FOREIGN NATIONALS WITH SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER TO THE NEAREST IMMIGRATION OFFICE OR POLICE STATION.Go Ghana 💪🏻🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

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